Web Design


My friend Corey started CAM Web Design a few years ago. We did some freelance work for our friend Don, and decided that two heads were better than one. Since Corey was already using “CAMWebDesign.com”, we just combined our efforts under that moniker. Henceforth, Corey A. Murnaghan Web Design became Cawley And Murnaghan web design. (Pretty nice of Corey to give me top billing in the company he founded, wasn’t it?)

It was a good run. We produced some pretty complex sites with online stores and other fancy hooks, etc. But alas, our “real jobs” (and family lives, more aptly) won our time.

Maintaining websites is a hobby now. I maintain some family sites linked throughout  here and occasionally do some consulting, hosting and design for friends who don’t mind a more “relaxed” approach to their website.

I believe in the archaic notion of hand-coded PHPHTML, JavaScript, CSS, etc. (This is likely why web design was never a “real” money-maker for me. So it goes.)

In my full-time job, I utilize a lot of Oracle and PL/SQL. Tableau is a fun new data visualization tool that I’ve been using.