First item on my Christmas list

To be honest, I have no idea what I want. So here”s the first stupid thing I could come up with. (It”s from the folks who brought you Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K).

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Pole Fire

I was working the night this occurred. (It happened just after midnight, so technically it wasn’t April Fool’s Day.) There has been much discussion at Atlantic City Electric about this incident, so I’m not going to comment here. (Suffice it to say the fellow in the bucket is fine. I spoke with him later that evening and he won’t admit it now, but he was definitely spooked.) If you’re interested in hearing my perspective , send me a message.

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While researching how to use the “this” keyword in javascript (specifically, using the jQuery library–Thanks, Remy Sharp!), I stumbled across his “Recent Albums” widget. They also offer this little widget (for beginners like me):

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Dilbert Widget

I stumbled across this through my Google Reader subscriptions. It is basically an exercise in getting the embedded flash object to appear.

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