Conectiv…Altogether Better

Around the time I started working for the electric company, the company was undergoing a business transformation of unprecedented proportions. The gist of it was that we were apparently going to conquer the world by getting involved in all kinds of businesses (plumbing & heating, HVAC, telecommunications, internet, etc.)

This was the era in which we were known as “Conectiv”. It was an era of some crazy, flashy marketing. One of these marketing devices was a series of commercials that featured Jason Alexander (yes, really–George Costanza).

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I have been subscribed to Ashleigh Brilliant‘s newsletter for about a year now and it is always interesting.  (I’ve also syndicated his “Potshot of the Day“.

His latest email, though, had me smiling throughout and also taught me a thing or two.  So I deemed it worthy of a blog post.  (This is obviously a rarity.)

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My friend Don’s (twin) brother apparently enjoys embarrassing his kids as much as I do:

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First item on my Christmas list

To be honest, I have no idea what I want. So here”s the first stupid thing I could come up with. (It”s from the folks who brought you Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K).

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